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Phil Lewis WE Network

Phil Lewis World Evangelism Network is a black-led legal entity in Canada that is a not-for-profit organization with a mandate which supports members of the Black Community

The organization, Phil Lewis WE Network, was co-founded in 1998 by two Black community leaders and granted Canada Revenue Agency registered charity status, constituted federally, by letters patent on April 10, 2000, with the original two individuals and one other additional Black leader comprising the founding board members.

Phil Lewis WE Network has a mandate to support the personal development of both its members (where 80% identify as Black, 15% as People of Colour and 5% as other) and non-members alike.

The Network was formed to advance a culture of faith both domestically and internationally for the purpose of bringing about positive changes across communities that WE Network serves in Canada, and internationally. 

It has a vision to uplift Blacks and all people who self-select as interested in actualizing their full God-given potential, to tap their talents, abilities and spiritual gifts, to be a blessing in society through charitable service. 

Phil Lewis WE Network has a mission to empower people through educational activities that strengthen their faith. Delivering sound faith-based counsel that builds “the spiritual human condition” is the goal of its outreach and mentoring programmes.

The results speak for themselves as people experience a psychological shift that helps them to discover and commit to pathways to success where they can begin flourishing in life, and giving back by making a positive contribution to society at large, despite all odds that may be against them.  Blacks and all are encouraged to keep the faith.

The acquisition of new Audio/Visual equipment, and a renovation to sound-proof the facility walls serve to make the Film/TV Studio and control Room attractive to members and non-members who must compete in a rapidly changing digital marketplace showcasing ever-evolving media industry technology.

Join Phil Lewis Healing and Miracle Crusade in a city near you. You’ll enjoy worship, a powerful message from the Word of God, and a time of special prayer as Phil ministers. If you or your loved ones need healing in any area of your life, come to this service. Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever!

Phil Lewis World Evangelism Network exists to bring the body of Christ together. We work as a team to bring everyone together for the purpose of meeting the needs of mankind.  Every church and ministry can participate in an effort to make a huge impact for Christ. Our mission is to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.  You need a healing, you need a miracle, you need fresh fire, you need a breakthrough this meeting is for you. If you are a Pastor or Church Leader and would love to see your church grow this meeting is for you.


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