Phil Lewis 

SUPER Life Coach




It's really simple. Think about it. The 2% who are performing at the top of their game, from every industry, are not going it alone. They rely on a team of allies. Whether it is a group of people made up of a business manager, personal assistant, life coach, personal trainer, financial advisor, attorney, accountant, handler and/or fixer--they have a team because they succeed on purpose as a result of who is in their corner. When you connect with the best you can expect the best.


Accountability is key to achieving optimal results in life coaching. Phil Lewis gives you an opportunity to discuss your life issues and your goals and he will gives an initial assessment as your professional SUPER Life Coach.  He believes in helping people conquer their goals by sponsoring annual subscriptions at a $50 discount for the bi-weekly program that will guide you along your path of success each step of the way over the course of one year.  Phil will also be available for Super Life Coaching on Fiverr...coming soon.

  1. Basic One Hour: $100
  2. Standard One Hour and a Half: $120.00
  3. Premium Two Hours: $150.00